skeleton on the moon

America’s Phoebus Apollo eleven ballistic capsule photographed an individual’s skeleton on the moon once it landed there in 1969.

That’s the claim of Chinese uranologist Dr. Kang Mao-pang,who 1st floored the planet once he discharged photos of clean human footprints on the moon at a group discussion in Beijing last winter. The someone claimed to possess received those photos – that were thus secret the Phoebus Apollo eleven astronauts didn’t even grasp they existed – from “an unimpeachable U.S. source.”


The photograph of the human skeleton was enclosed with a second batch of photos and documents he received from identical supply. “The Americans have conspired in a very concealment of monumental and probably even criminal proportions,” Dr. Kang told newsmen in Beijing. “They hid photos of clean human footprints on the moon for twenty years and managed to stay the human skeleton secret even longer. The implications of what they found up there ar staggering,” he continued . “But the Americans apparently feel that no-one else within the world is privileged enough to share the data.”


The story goes that Dr. Kang’s allegations shocked U.S. house and intelligence specialists, {one of|one among|one in a veryll|one amongst|one in every of} whom went into activity when reporters tried to question him in a Washington, D.C., restaurant. alternative sources conjointly allegedly refused to comment–even once told that the Chinese skilled has copies of over one,000 National Aeronautics and Space Administration pictures that clearly show clean human footprints and an individual’s skeleton on the satellite surface.


skeletons on the moon


Intriguingly, the skeleton seems to possess been sporting jeans. judgment from the position of the bones, it looks possible that the person it belonged to was a minimum of partly dismembered and met with a human death. it’s conjointly probable that the skeleton was transported into house long when the person was killed. The decomposition of bone and flesh wouldn’t are potential within the close atmosphere of the moon. The Chinese skilled any noted that the age of the skeleton can not be calculable while not analyzing the bone primary.


“Like the footprints on the moon, these photos were taken by a distant camera aboard the satellite lander ANd got to American state by an yank supply World Health Organization is on the far side reproach,” said Dr. Kang. “I am conjointly within the possession of classified documents and letters that describe the footprints as being recent and therefore the skeleton unquestionably human. The question that has to be answered is however the footprints and skeleton head to the moon. the apparent implication is that extraterrestrial lifeforms were concerned however we’ll ne’er grasp unless the Americans unharness the data they need.”


The documents Dr. Kang quoted from ar sealed “top secret” and dated Aug. 3, 1969, which implies they were written simply period when astronauts Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed and walked on the moon–in boots, not barefoot–on July twenty, 1969. giant parts of the text are redacted in black ink. It’s clear that U.S specialists in agreement extraterrestrials had one thing to try to to with the clean footprints and skeleton on the moon.


Repeated makes an attempt to induce officers at any level of presidency to deal with Dr. Kang’s report were unsuccessful. Explained a Washington source: “Nobody’s reaching to say something till President Bush offers the go-ahead. This isn’t any normal concealment. It makes outrage appear as if a Sabbath school picnic. It’s that damn huge.”

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